Its common to have questions regarding detailing processes and expectations you should have when we go to work on your car. Its to your advantage to be as educated as possible!

When you run your car through the local $8 wash tunnel you are putting it at risk for a very harsh treatment. Massive swirling brushes contaminated with whoever's mud-bogger was ahead of your car, harsh chemicals and treatments that have negative effects on the surface of your clear coat and the grand finale, someone at the other end with day-old, terry-cloth towels eager to scratch your clear coat. Your car is worth so much more than that!


  • What is "detailing?"

Detailing is a general term used to define a meticulous "face lift" process for your car's paint, engine and interior/upholstery. Detailing will give your car a brand new look on the inside and outside, increase its value and add satisfaction to your commute. Paint correction will remove haze and swirl marks with machine polishing, making reflections brilliant and flawless. Interior detailing will remove stains, odors, dust and debris, as well as soften and rejuvenate leather surfaces to a supple/rich feeling. Engine Detailing removes years of road dust, grime + grease and protects the engine from future deterioration from sediment.


  • How long does detailing take?

The duration of the job is based on the condition of the car and your expectations of the results. Our detailing services might require anywhere from 1-4 hours to properly recondition the your vehicle to meet your expectations for daily use or award-winning, concours show-car finish.


  • What's the difference between Wax & Sealant?

High quality Wax and Synthetic Sealants are products which offer protection to clearcoat from atmospheric contamination, IE: rain/snow, airborne debris, dust, bird droppings, pollen, etc. They DO NOT in any way reduce the effect of swirls or scratches in clearcoat. A high-quality sealant will last up to 12 months, and a high quality carnuba wax will last about 3 months.


  • What is a clay bar?

Clay bars are a soft, malleable putty that decontaminate the paint. The clay glides over the paint surface removing embedded impurities like tree sap, brake dust, road paint and pollen that traditional hand washing techniques simply have no effect on. Once these impurities are removed, the car is properly prepped for polishing or waxing and will have a much smoother finish across the surface that you can actually FEEL! Not many local detailers take the time to perform this crucial step.

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