Paint Protection


***These after care methods work for both Ceramic Pro Kavaca and XPEL Paint Protection***

Congratulations on Your New Paint Protection

After Care Boils Down to 3 Main Categories


The curing period can last as long as 3-4 weeks. Take special care of your film during this time. Do NOT wash your car for 7 days after installation so the edges of the film can set properly. During the curing period, you might notice bubbles or a slight haze in the film. These appear and disappear as the film cures, and after the 4th week, should no longer be a problem.


Your car washing methods play an important role in the appearance and longevity of your paint protection. Remove bug splatter and bird droppings immediately.

  • Bug splatter: use a pressure washer while standing 3 feet away
  • Bird droppings: Pour warm (not boiling) water over the area, let soften, then gently wipe with a microfiber cloth

When washing your vehicle, make sure to use pH neutral products such as Gtechniq or Swissvax shampoos.There are 2 methods of washing your car that preserve the film.

  • Two Bucket Method
  • Pressure Washer
    • keep spray lance 3 feet away from paint

Waxing (non-coated vehicles)

If you choose to wax your car after installing PPF, only use natural waxes like Carnauba wax. Do not use abrasive or resin-based products as they can cause the surface of the film to haze. Avoid polishes with petroleum or solvents. 


Surface scratches and swirl marks heal over time. To accelerate the process, pour warm (not boiling) water on the affected area.


***If you installed a Ceramic Pro coating along with PPF do NOT wax your vehicle***

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